Media Wing acquired AirShark in 2016 to proivide higher quality industrial UAV inspection services. As we continue to integrate the AirShark Flight Teams into what we provide at Media Wing, we are making strides to update all of our information both offline and online with relevant information. For an overview of all UAV services we offer, please visit

Changing the Way You Tell Your Story

We are a team of digital magicians and artisans ready to help you traverse the digital world

Aerial Video/Photo

We have an exclusive partnership with Airshark, a UAV services company, to capture cinematic aerial imagery of the highest quality.

Creative Storytelling

We have banded together a diverse team of creative storytellers including world-travellers and digital magicians. With over 40 years of experience we can take your project from concept to completion in a way that is sure to impress.

Internet Marketing Videos

We believe marketing your videos on the internet is one of the most effective ways to get in front of clients and share the awesomeness that is your business.

AirShark - A Media Wing Brand

Innovative UAV Services

In 2016, Media Wing acquired vermont-based UAV services company, AirShark, to increase our offering of safe and innovative UAV services for our clients. For information regarding what services we offer for commercial or industrial customers please visit


A collection of our best work!


Marketing Video

Global Rescue: Wade Boggs

Testimonial Video

Global Rescue

Testimonial Video


Marketing Video

Anne Erwin Sotheby's

Marketing Video

UAV America - Eagle XF

Product Teaser


Marketing Video

Club Motorsports

Marketing Video


Commercial Marketing Video

NEHC Safety Day

Event Video

Bean Group Office Building

Aerial Video & 3D Integration

JBI Utility Inspection

Marketing Video

About Us

We are the pioneers of the digital world. We are the modern artists who have come to create. Located in the heart of historic Downtown Portsmouth, NH, our company has pulled in talents from across the country and adopted the freshness of the new generation. We provide innovative high quality 4k video and photos from the land we stand on, to the skies above. Our experienced team captures your vision through everything from the lens of handheld cameras to cutting edge UAVs. Let us bring your company to the future, with a story that needs to be heard.

April 2015

Boats & Drones

Media Wing was formed on the shoreline of Lake Winnipesaukee. With the mission of creating stories that excite & inspire. Media Wing opened it's first office in downtown Wolfeboro, NH and began training UAV pilots and capturing breathtaking imagery.

August 2015

A Move in the Right Direction

In an effort to offer a better experience and serve a larger audience Media Wing moved to downtown Portsmouth.

December 2015

Setting Up Shop

Media Wing moved out of it's temporary office into our brand-new office on Ladd street right off of Market Square in downtown Portsmouth. New conference rooms, office, and workspaces made it easier for Media Wing to offer the world-class experience their customers were becoming accustomed to.

April 2016

Taking a Bite Out of the Sky

In an effort to provide our customers with unrivaled quality of service we acquired vermont-based UAV provider Airshark to expand our capabilities in the Commercial and Industry service industry.

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Meet our Digital Magicians

Fred Depuy

Fred Depuy

Founder & CEO

Chris Burke

Chris Burke

Lead Producer

Fred Depuy

Daniel Robinson

Creative Director

Fred Depuy

Ian Ray


Fred Depuy

Jon Budreski

Dir. Business Development

Fred Depuy

Lindsey Mitchell

Airshark Lead Pilot

Fred Depuy

Sam Johnson

Airshark Lead Pilot

Fred Depuy

Pete George


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