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For those who don’t know me yet, my name is Wyatt Depuy. I am a senior at the University of Delaware and started working for Media Wing at the beginning of this summer. I’ve decided to write a little recap of my experiences starting at the company and becoming part of the team.

So here it is.

There is something special about the first day of a new experience. Something fresh about the entire atmosphere, like the world knows it’s a big moment in your life. With Media Wing I was able to experience that first hand.

The night before my first day was filled with preparation. I felt like I was getting ready for my first day at high school again. My lunch was packed, my outfit laid out, my face shaved, and my shoes by the door. This may be a normal ritual for others but I am the type to find everything in the morning right before leaving the house. I had everything set for the first day of my new experience.

I didn’t really know what to expect when I entered the office the next day. Usually with new jobs it’s awkward for the first week or so, but this was not the case at Media Wing. Right off the bat I was bombarded with unusual gifts all with funny meanings for an intern (as you can see in the picture above). I was immediately treated like I had worked there as long as everyone else. All my nerves had vanished. I was part of the team, part of the Media Wing family.

Since then this company has taught me more than I had imagined. I witness day in and day out a team that puts everything they have into each project. I see a group act like everyday is their biggest. I see a fun and loving atmosphere of a family working towards its vision.

Joining Media Wing gives me what no other company could. I learn about cameras and techniques used with filming, how to edit and produce the videos in a manner that represents the client’s personality, and about incorporating drones into modern videography. But I also get to participate in a constantly growing new business.

Before my summer work began I had thought I was partaking in one of those classic internships. The ones where you spend day in and day out on data entry, with maybe a few phone calls sprinkled in the mix. I didn’t necessarily see myself learning much. I thought maybe I would learn how to work in an office and stay disciplined with my task. But I found that right away I was called upon to have a meaningful role in the company. I go to events and write blogs, I study the FAA regulations for our drone use, I help with website updates and business planning. I never thought I would learn about the optical zoom of an AX100, or how to use the Aldryn software for website editing, but Media Wing has allowed me to do so.

With this internship I am fully immersed into a company that isn’t yet satisfied with its position in the industry. Not only do I have to perform well to represent myself, but everyday I am helping Media Wing push forward with its march to the top.

Media Wing

July 21, 2016