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At Media Wing, we believe that people are what make a business great! That’s why we are excited to be sending our Lead Producer, Christopher Burke, to get his pilot’s license. As a company, Media Wing is determined to play things by the book and generate a track record of safety and excellence in our field. To do that we need to follow the guidelines that the FAA has set for flying UAVs commercially.

As part of the process of flying safely and being compliant with regulations, we hire licensed pilots to fly under our 333 Exemption. Our pilot Charlie has experience in the Utility industry and Lindsay is an instrument-rated commercial pilot who was a flight instructor at Navy Annapolis Center in Maryland. Our newest recruit, Sam Johnson, has his pilots license as well as an MS in aerospace engineering. We aspire to be the safest drone services company in New Hampshire and, more importantly, New England and to do that we need to make sure our pilots keep up with training and follow industry guidelines that’s why we decided to send our Lead Producer to Flight School.

When Chris was hired as the Lead Producer at Media Wing he was heavily focused on providing our clients with the best information and ideas for their business project. Chris takes every client through a process where he looks at the need for their business, asks questions, and determines a plan for creating a video strategy. Those skills are easily transferrable to our industrial and commercial clients who have a problem they are needing to solve which requires a fresh perspective. By having Chris attend flight school and becoming a pilot he is gaining a unique perspective that he will be able to share with our team and use to provide a better experience for our clients. At Media Wing, we see ourselves as being in the aviation business and we want to make sure that above all we are following trusted procedures and guidelines to make the right choices for every mission that we fly.

We feel that it is imperative that we create internal flights procedures, training programs, and standard operating procedures that are on par with those of professional aviation companies. Every job is different and if we train our people to handle any situation we will be able to offer the best experience to the people we work with. If you have met Chris you know that he is an energetic and outgoing guy. When he heads back to the office after flight school he tells us all about his experience quite emphatically. And he is just the man to lead up our UAV spotter training program. He is going through a detailed process to obtain his pilots license and share his knowledge with the rest of the Media Wing team.

We care deeply about conducting our work the right way and know that Chris is the perfect candidate to help train and improve our growing team of UAV spotters. Chris is a big part of our team and we are excited to help him obtain new skills. With his training, we know he will be a big part of our company for the years to come. If you would like some additional information on how we train our UAV pilots please contact us!

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March 2, 2016